Weekly Cycles

Weekly cycles vary depending on the season and other factors, so contact us if you’re not sure. The main club cycles are listed below. All events require a Cycling Ireland license and a helmet.

Winter Spins: Starting in November until mid-February.

There are two groups meeting at 8:55am at Fair Green, leaving at 9am.

  • The Leisure/B Group will be starting at 25km/h and going for 50-60km, with a possible stop for coffee. As the winter progresses, they will be building up to 80k rides.  There is a no-drop policy in this group.
  • The Racing/A Group will be starting at 28-30km/h, and heading out for 80+km. They are not stopping for coffee.

The planned routes will be announced on Twitter and Facebook the night before the ride, but may be modified due to weather in the morning.  Pace & distance will depend on the weather, but will increase gradually as the season approaches. If the speed and/or distance is daunting, anyone is welcome to join this training spin, even if its only for 1 or 2 hours. It will help increase your speed while riding in a group.  These are winter rides, so please have lights and full mudguards/flaps and dress for the weather.

Summer Sunday Mornings :

During the racing season (March to September), the Sunday spins become less of a race training group and more of a fast leisure spin. We meet at the Fair Green in Navan every Sunday for an 8:30am start. Spins vary from 70 – 100km. Some Sundays the spin might not happen if most club members are volunteering at one of our races, or away at a big sportive, so if in doubt, send us a message on Facebook or in the comments below to check. Newcomers welcome, but please ensure you are comfortable riding in a group, have the equipment needed to fix a puncture and a few euro in case we stop for a coffee 🙂

Tuesday Nights : From the first Tuesday in May until late August, we hold a club racing league, starting 7:30pm at Halfords carpark on Athboy rd, Navan. Its a fun way to get the whole club together, and while it is a race, its not as serious as an open race, just a great way to train in a group atmosphere. It is run on a handicapped basis to allow everyone an equal chance to win.

Thursday Nights: From mid may until late August, meet at 6:50pm to leave at 7pm at the Fair Green. Pace is usually 28-31km/h, distance depending on available light, usually up to 60km.

Underage: Cannistown N.S. every Monday 6.30. Kids Night! A fun filled night for our budding cyclists, a fun + family atmosphere. Call in some evening to have a look, new-comers are always welcome. This where the future of the club is bred. During the winter, we stay on the school grounds where the kids get to practice their bike handling skills and get comfortable riding close to each other. When the light returns in the spring, we move out to the road where experienced club members and parents take out the kids on training rides with the emphasis on road safety and cycling skills.

Note: there is no Kids club on all bank-holiday Mondays through the year.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Cycles”

  1. Hi, I have being cycling about a year now and and finally gotten up the courage to look at cycling with others. On average I cycle at about 22 to 24kmph and took part in my first sportive this year doing the 50k heritage cycle. I’ve seen you guys fly so I may be a bit behind at first. I try to get out at least twice a week and would do 30 to 50 k when out. I know it’s probably the wrong the time of year to join but I see you go out every Sunday, is that still the same? Anyway I live in trim which is only down the road from you and was wondering when you will be taking in membership again. Thanks Steve

    1. Hi Steve, Niall here from Navan RC. Its great to see your interested in joining the club, and we are always open to new members all year long. I would advise you to come along to few club spins,get involved, and your fitness + skills will vastly improve……we can worry about membership at a later date. You have already made a good start with your cycling having done the 50k Heritage cycle, and twice a week is enough training for this time of year. During Autumn/Winter months we mainly hold spins on Sunday mornings. The early spin is the faster of the 2, meeting @ 8;30am Fair Green Navan, with avg speed being 27-30km/h, 2-3 hours long. While the later spin is @ 10;30am from Teach na Teamhrach and the avg speed is slower 22-27km/h (approx)….this is probably the best one for you to begin with. All you have to do is turn up, and dont be shy, we all started in the same way, there’s always a friendly face around to welcome you. I hope this all helps, any other questions you can contact me on 0868426603

      1. Thanks for getting back so quick Niall. I will give Sunday’s 10.30 run a go and see how I get on. How long/ far do you ride for on the this run? Thanks again, Steve

  2. Hi there I’m interested in joining in your Sunday cycle is it going ahead this Sunday from the fair green ?
    I do a bit if cycling for the enjoyment not really interested in that league on Tuesday night tks Frances .

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