Summer League results 7th August

A fine sunny evening greeted us for a change this summer, and a bumper crowd turned out to battle it out. In the under-age section our stars of the future showed us how its done with some fine displays of racing.

Results :

1 – James Finegan

2 – Nikki Murtagh

3 – Sean Nolan


1 – Jack Caldwell

2 – Liam Hanley

League Tables

1 – James   58

2 – Sean     35

3 – Nikki    26

4 – Laura    19


1 – Jack   51

2 – Liam    45

3 – Dominick     42

4 – Siobhan   16


Senior Race

1 – Paul Kelly

2 – John Kenny

3 – Gerry Harte

4 – Simon O Dea

5 – James Lynch

6 – Pat Tierney

7 – John Nolan

8 – Tommy Barrett

9 – Brian Moran

10 – Brian Lenehan

11 – Niall Doggett

12 – Vivian Dunphy

13 – Ambrose Clinton

14 – Adrian Finegan

15 – Paddy Brennan

16 – Ciaran Smith

17 – Stephen sweeney

others etc…..

League Table top 10

1 – John Nolan      231

2 – Adrian Finegan 224

3 – Vivian Dunphy 209

4 – Pat Doocey  201

5 – Brian Moran  184

6 – Adrian Bagnall    171

7 – James Lynch   166

8 – Brian Lenehan    155

9 – John Kenny     155

10 – Niall Doggett    153

Full league table up soon….


Mountnugent GP Saturday 4th August

Mountnugent GP – 4th August 2012

Navan RC present another race for your attention. This is a handicapped race on a short and very quiet circuit , with a prime on each lap, which makes for a fast and attacking race. The A4 group will have the chance in the early laps to mop up the primes, but when the scratch group of A3’s,A2’s and A1’s catch up….the race realy comes to life.!

And just incase your lost…..Mountnugent is outside of Oldcastle (just inside the Cavan Border). Map here

Contact Details: Noel Clarke, 087-2727801 Time/Sign On Details: Mountnugent 7.30pm Categorys: A+,A1,A2,A3,A4 Distance: 50km

Race Results 31-07-2012

Another wet evening greeted the Summer League, but whats new! With only a few weeks remaining in the league it was time for people to make their assault on the leading riders. The winner on the night was the ever-green Ray Keegan who took advantage of the early starting group and rode clear from the chasing bunch. A very dis-organised chase group were more interested in racing each other helped the break-away. Scratch group rider Aidan Wall went from the gun with a viscous attack straight away, with only James Lynch able to follow. He tried again with another attack later on and dragged a small chase group clear from the bunch, but lady luck deserted him as he punctured and was forced to face the humiliating drive home in the broomwagon. Gerry Harte(DID Dunboyne) and James Lynch carried on and almost caught the two leaders, but it was too little too late and the night belonged to Ray Keegan. His win now shoots him up the league table also……it goes to show there’s still plenty to fight for in the coming few weeks.

The updated league tables are here

A very wet Summer League: Results and Table

Once upon a time we had a summer, those were the days. Long sunny evenings where you couldn’t wait to get out on your bike after work/school….well it wasn’t like that last night anyway!

A group of brave (or mad) cyclist attempted to ride a bike race in the pouring rain, and fair play to them.!

Results on the night were as follows;   1 – James Lynch, 2 – Aidan Wall, 3 – Pat Doocey, 4 – Tommy Barrett, 5 – Vivian Dunphy, 6 – Brian Lenihan, 7 – Ray Keegan, 8 – Brian Moran, 9 – Adrian Finegan, 10 – Fiona Guihen, 11 – Ciaran Meegan, 12 – Paul Kelly ,13 – Kevin Byrne , 14 – Peadar Corbally 15 – Sara Ortiz, 16 – Colm Farrell………etc…

Kids;  1 – James Finegan , 2 – Grainne Hanley , 3 – Nikki Murtagh , 4 – Shane Murray

Kids;  1 – Jack Caldwell , 2 – Liam Hanley , 3 – Liam Murray


PAT DOOCEY                                                                                                                        201
ADRIAN FINEGAN                                                                                                                  199
JOHN NOLAN                                                                                                                         187
VIVIAN DUNPHY                                                                                                                    171
ADRIAN BAGNALL                                                                                                                 143
BRIAN MORAN                                                                                                                      142
BRIAN LENIHAN                                                                                                                    136
JOHN KENNY                                                                                                                         131
RAY KEEGAN                                                                                                                        123
JAMES LYNCH                                                                                                                       120
NIALL DOGGETT                                                                                                                   116
COLM FARRELL                                                                                                                     115
FIONA GUIHEN                                                                                                                     110
AIDAN WALL                                                                                                                        106
PEADAR CORBALLY                                                                                                              106

An Post Meath Heritage Cycle Tour 29th July


Once again the roads of county Meath will be raided by cyclists from all over the country. With a choice of 4 routes to choose from ; 11km, 50km, 100km, and 160km there is something for all ages and abilities. All cycles start in the picturesque town of Trim, with the first cyclists leaving at 8am under the shadow of King Johns castle. The event has been made possible through the positive co-operation between Meath Local Sports Partnership and Meath Local Authorities. This years nominated charity is Meath Alzheimer Society.

Dont forget to register in time, as the deadline for on-line and postal entries is 5pm Wednesday 25th July 2012. There will be no facility for entries on the day, (apart from the 11km Family Spin) so fill in the entry form or go on-line to

New Club Kit……….time for a change.?

Recently we noticed that our stock of club kit is running pretty low, so now is the time to organize an order for more. We do still have some items left, if your looking for a jersey / shorts / gilet contact PJ Nolan on 087-2848992. Before we order we needed to have a look at two things; sponsors + design. Navan RC is not a ‘sponsor driven club’, we are owned and run by our members, but we do need sponsorship to keep the club running.

  • Sponsorship – We have been very lucky to have great sponsors like Avonmore who have stuck with us over a long period of time, and will continue to be our main sponsor. We have been in negotiations with some new companies and are happy to say that we have secured some extra funding for the year ahead. Therefor some of the ‘old’ logos on the jersey will have to come off to make room. We thank all of sponsors over the past years and look forward to working with them again.
  • Design – The club colours of purple and yellow are our signature. They are instantly recognizable and will never change.! The only proposed change is to the design / layout of the jersey, it has been the same for a number of years now and many members are ready for a new look. Also there is a wider range of products available to us, such as winter jerseys, arm-warmers, shoe covers, and a new ‘Race Line’ of kit which is of a much better quality.

To be fair to everyone in the club we are giving you the chance to have your say on this issue. We will hold a club meeting on Wednesday 25th July at 8/8:30pm in Teach na Teamhrach. We don’t mean to rush through any major changes like this but now is the time to have your say, if you don’t voice your opinion now it may be too late. When we order the kit it will take up to 2months to arrive, so we need to get cracking.

Spin11 are our kit suppliers, and i have been in discussion with them over our possible new kit designs. Here are a few sample designs for you to view, but dont forget nothing has been decided yet, and any changes will have to be passed at the club meeting next Wednesday.

Navan RC design

All images copyright Spin11 Ltds p i n 1 1 . c



Robinstown Road Race 21st July

Navan Road Club will promote the Tommy Brady road race this Saturday evening including under-age and senior races. The action begins at 5pm with the under-age racing, with the senior race starting at 7pm. Sign-on is in Robinstown village, as is the finishing line, providing a great opportunity for spectators to view the race as it passes through the village each time. Distance is 65km for the senior race, which is run on a handicapped basis, catering for A1,A2,A3 and A4 riders.Image Race organiser is Noel Clarke 087-2727801.

Cycling Club in Navan, Founded 1953