Summer League Tables 2014

A brief outline of how points are allocated is as follows:

  • In the main (usually 4 laps) race (Seniors, Juniors, U16 plus a few ambitious U14s) 1st place gets 25 points, 24pts for 2nd, etc down as far as 11pts for 15th place.
  • Unplaced riders in the main race get 5 points
  • Marshals / drivers / helpers get 5 points.
  • If you don’t sign on, I have no way of knowing that you were there, so make sure you sign on every night! And if I can’t read your writing, you may not get your points either.
  • In the U14 and U12 races, 1st gets 10 points, 2nd gets 9 points, 3rd gets 8 points, 4th gets 7 points, 5th gets 6 points. Everyone else gets 5 points.

The full spreadsheet is at this link.

On the sheet Weekly Places, there is a row for each rider and a column for each week. The code beside your name should show:

  • M = Marshal (5 points)
  • U = Raced but didn’t place (5 points)
  • Blank = Didn’t race (or didn’t sign on so I didn’t know you were there)
  • S01 – S15 = Placed 1st to 15th in the main race
  • Y01 – Y-05 = Placed 1st to 5th in an underage race

Any mistakes or omissions, send us a message on Facebook, leave a comment here or tell Pat Doocey.


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