Irish Cyclists Attempt Non Stop Race Across America

Generali PanEurope and Race Around Ireland have teamed up to make history next week when they set out to become the first team to enter the Race Across America with only 8 riders and no crew. Not only that but they will be chasing down the current Irish 8 man record of 7days and 14 hours, which was set by Team Youghal in 2012.


·      The Race Across America is the coast-to-coast World Cup ultra marathon cycling race

·      Starts 20June, 2015 and runs for 9 days

·      Teams relay 24 hours per day to complete a 5000km route

·      Race starts from Oceanside CA and finishes in Annapolis MD.

·      Riders cover over 700km per day to achieve their target.

·      Over 35 countries will be represented at the 34th annual event.

Every team in RAAM will have a crew of people who will drive, navigate and prepare food for the cyclists.  The uniqueness of this challenge for this Irish team is that they will have NO crew! This has never been attempted before in the history of RAAM and means that the cyclists will need to ride, drive, navigate and prepare food as well as try to get some sleep all the time moving day and night.

Difference between this race and other races

The major difference between this race and e.g.Le Tour de France is that the Race Across America is a continuous, one-stage event, meaning that the clock starts on the west coast and doesn’t stop until the racers reach the east coast.  An elite sporkting event simply described as is the toughest bicycle race on earth.”


Working in two teams of four alternating the driving,navigation ,preparing and cycling. The challenges are endless and include dehydration, exhaustion, sickness,mechanical problems, navigating on unfamiliar roads at night.

Fitness Coach and Trainer conceived the idea – Alan Heary already holds the Race Across America Team Award having endured this ultimate challenge three times.

This year Alan has compiled an outstanding team packed full of cycling adventurers including:

·      Pat Doocey

·      Michael Mills

·      Blair Clinton

·      Colm Baldwin

·      Brian Hehir

·      PJ Nolan

·      Tomas Scullion


The Race begins on June 20th from Oceanside and stretches through 15 states, through the Mojave desert, across the Rockies, through the heartland of America and the Appalachians, and finishes in Annapolis, Maryland.


Right from the beginning of the race you cycle, then drive or navigate as someone else cycles. You eat as much as you can during the 12 hours that your team is flying along the road. After 12 hours of riding and driving and eating your way over mountains and valleys you get to sleep for 2.5hours before getting up (you could be in a motel bed or in the back of van) and eating some more, you drive ahead of your team mates who are now doing their 12hour torture ride. After they finish their 12 hour spin. You go again as hard as you can to try to cover as much ground as possible. You do this for 7 days.