Summer League 2015

Hi Everyone
okay the big day is nearly arrived for the NRC league 2015
Tuesday 5th of May:Sign on from 18:30 to 19:10 in Halfords car park.
Entry fee to paid in full on the first night. NO new registrations will be taken on the night we are full!! We will also be unable to accommodate anyone who turns up on the night just to race,we thought we might be able but after reviewing this we are unable to do so.! first race off will be the underage,starting at 19:15. Seniors and Juniors will be let off from 19:30.this is a handicapped event. We also need you to bring pins for your race number which you will receive on sign on and must be worn every week,no numbers no points!
League runs for 16 weeks.
Important issues to note:
As TK Maxx and some other shops stay open late in retail park warm ups are to be conducted out on road or on the opposite side to shops. We need to remain safe and not be an inconvenience to shoppers.Also to prevent any accidents.
If you need to to go to toilet please find an isolated place to do so as we have little ones and shoppers in the area. If you are caught you will be deducted points and given a warning,2nd warning and your out of the league. We will be watching!!
Rules of the road must be obeyed,no crossing the white line or interfering with traffic. Also our marshals don’t have the power to stop traffic so if you need to slow down do so. If you fail to obey the rules of the road it is immediate expulsion and you will be given back your money. If you want to endanger your self or others do so some where else. We want to keep this race as safe as possible and its up to everyone involved to make it safe!
There is points for the 1st 15 only so there is no point sprinting for 35th or 50th!!!!
We will have 2 lead cars and 5 Marshall’s
every week.These will be named in advance each week. Each of these will receive 15 points. Everyone will do one stint as marshal! if you can’t marshal you need to organize some one to take your place. You will receive 15 points only once! There will be no team cars following race so bring a repair kit with you,parking at the finish is limited but parking is allowed for the parents of the little ones. But remember you are on a main road and its busy so every one at finish must wear a high viz jacket.
When race is finished,you must not cross over the central reservation,you must cycle up to the next round about and return as normal to car park. Any one caught doing this is out of the league,remember we are trying to set an example to the younger ones!!!
Your race number must be worn on front left of jersey. We have a camera at finish and we will do our utmost to get results right.

We have being running this league for the last few years with great success and want to continue to do so,but we need your cooperation with this. We want everyone to enjoy this event.

Cycling in Meath and surrounding areas is under scrutiny at present and we don’t want to give any one the opportunity to make a complaint. So please keep this in mind before you participate.

If we come across severe or very harsh we do it because we care,Navan road club has being organizing races for a very long time and we hope to do so for a very long time to come.

There will be more announcements tomorrow evening before the race starts so please pay attention.

Marshals for tomorrow evening are as follows:

Gerry Harte NRC.
Brendan Roe NRC.
Simon O’Dea NRC.
Colm Farrell NRC.
Paul Kelly Moynalty.
Enda Murray Moynalty.
Kieran Meegan Moynalty.

these will all receive 15 points each.

Good luck to all and see you tomorrow evening.

Remember if you haven’t registered for league there’s no point in turning up.

Kind Regards
Simon O’Dea
Club chairman