Ras Report Stage 7

Today was tough 95 miles in the mountains. Just to make things more difficult, it rained really hard for the first hour.

This meant that my advice to wear minimum clothes for the first hour resulted in a frozen team with poor Niall doing the shivers in the cavalcade, while we abused him to get back into the group, which he did, of course.

Later Simon videoed him descending mount Leinster which is worth watching except for the bit where a remedial team car got in the way and we politely asked him to go into the field.

Speaking of abuse, John Murray got fined for politely asking the commissaire to please stop beeping the horn at him while he was on the limit on the climb of mount leinster.

After 70 kilometres the climbing went mental with some vicious ascents of the foothills of mount Leinster, causing chaos.
The two Johns made it into the big group and the rest of the lads came in just behind them after being misinformed that they were outside the time limit which was 44 minutes and they were only 7 minutes behind the main bunch.

Simon, the knob, got the worst sandwiches of the week in Carrick on Suir. Mind you, the apple tart was passable and he said he spotted the best looking schoolteacher of the week,¬† which was a bit of a stretch considering there were no schools open because it’s Saturday.

There are now only three Irish teams left with full teams in the race so I am really proud of the lads and the way they have ridden.

With a bit of luck we will get to Skerries tomorrow with a full team.

It was great to see all the support today with club chairman Matt on top of Corrabutt gap.

Hopefully we will see a lot of club  members in Skerries tomorrow afternoon.