League Results Round 3

Round 3 of the league was an eventful one as those of us not selected for Ras duty tried to fill P.J. size 12 wellies with varying degrees of success.

Stand-in organiser John’s handwriting is at least as hard to read as P.J’s and while we were told the handicaps were a bit kinder this week, the scratch group didn’t see any other groups and even wondered were they on the right route. They couldn’t even agree on the precise meaning of “one lap left”.

Meanwhile in the actual race, the dual carriageway wasn’t wide enough for the 3 strongmen contesting the sprint as Niall Clarke took the honours from Philly Fox and Thomas McElroy. Sean Nolan took another hatful of points in 4th place – not bad for an under 14 racing against the seniors.

Denise Molloy edged out Andrea McGuinness for 5th.

On a sobering note, one rider ended up in hospital with a broken collarbone and we wish him a speedy recovery. We would remind everyone that this is a hobby and we all have a duty of care to the riders behind us and beside us. Things can get a bit mad at times, especially in the sprint and it’s essential to hold a straight line, no sudden movements from side to side, and no sudden slowing down or braking.

Senior Race
1 Niall Clarke
2 Philly Fox
3 Thomas McElroy
4 Sean Nolan
5 Denise Molloy
6 Andrea McGuinness
7 Enda Murray
8 Patrick
9 Andy Fay
10 Paul Kelly
11 Derek Gormley
12 John Clarke
13 Andy Harding
14 Des Maguire
15 Vivian Dunphy

U14 Race
1 Martin Smith
2 Eoghan McGee

U12 Race
1 Elly McMyler
2 Cian Lenehan
3 Ian McDonagh

The tables have been updated. If there are any mistakes or mis-spellings, let us know. Marshals for next week are listed here…