Ras Report Day 2

By PJ Nolan

Ok the good news is we all finished today. The bad news is my prediction of massive time gaps came true.

The highlight was pacing Niall back on to the group at 95kilometres, a speed not seen since Paul Kennedy And John Nolan attempted the Irish land speed record going down the Healy pass in 1999.

Niall got back onto the group but was caught up behind another crash going through another wet village as he ended up in the group behind the bunch. That was a pity because he is riding well.

John Kenny did a great ride today and was unlucky to miss a split in the bunch when he came back looking for a bottle after he lost his two  bottles at a level crossing.

Again the driving in the cavalcade was vile with one guy getting squeezed between a car and the ditch, the result was a double somersault to miraculously land on one of only three non stony spots in clare – he lives on.

All was wet wet wet at the start and there were more falls than the grand national. The falls were non life threatening and all was well until after 100 kilometres when a big split saw four of our munchkins in a big group out the back.

They lost 15 minutes by the finish which sounds a lot but the roads in Clare are like riding a glue covered roller coaster so they did ok in the end.

The winner was going like a train all day and the standard of the foreign teams is very high with the guy who beat our own Ryan Mullen for the world pursuit bronze working as a domestique today.

It’s motorbike city out there.

Meanwhile team morale is at an all time low the lads are threatening to pack en masse including Simon if I can not get them a sworn statement signed in the presence of a solicitor that they will not lose points in the club league if they don’t turn up tomorrow night.

Jesus the shit I have to put up with as a manager

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