2014 Summer League Race 1

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Courtesy of our Sky News reporter P.J Nolan :
A famous name back at the top-John Clarke, son of Navan legend Ken Clarke and nephew of serial Ras stage winner Noel was the surprise winner of the first round of the Navan league. The relative novice took off from the limit group and got into the scratch group on the first of four circuits to win by almost a lap, actually he did an extra lap just to make sure he had won. The handicapper was unaware of the way things had progressed, thats not surprising because hes a bit thick anyway and it was only after the finish that Johns epic ride was revealed, the rest of the scratch group were complaining-as they always do-about this fella who was tearing their legs off
The event had 52 starters which was insane considering the weather was more suited to swimming and the organisers made sure everyone stood in the rain in hypothermic conditions before the race started- once they were satisfied everyone was freezing off they went into the glacial monsoon and after John Clarke headed off into the rain Derek Madden spent 2 laps chasing him before getting caught by the third of 5 groups.
After John had finished Donal Clavin had a great sprint for secod place just beating Andy Harding, Thomas McElroy was next ahead of John Fitzpatrick  with newcomer Aoife Fay just ahead of Brendan Rowe and Denise Molloy.
Ninth place is still amystery as the video died so whoever the culprit in the blue jersey is please come forward or forever lose your points. Under 16 Patrick Goszczyk was a very good tenth in the bunch sprint beating John Nolan and Nathan Lee.
 The Meath River Rescue were on stand by for the scratch group who finally came along some considerable time later.
Next Tuesday there will be more pain and bribes will be accepted at the sign on to ensure a good handicap
Simon ODEA JOYRODE in the academy cars volvo kindly donated for the Ras, actually he did a good job as lead car-at least he did not crash. Alan Heary was also seen wobbling along somewhere but he can only improve
Oh yeah thanks to all the marshals who helped it was wonderful not to get knocked down in the rain
1 John Clarke 25
2 Donal Clavin 24
3 Andy Harding 23
4 Thomas McElroy 22
5 John Fitzpatrick 21
6 Aoife Fay 20
7 Brendan Rowe 19
8 Denise Molloy 18
9 Blue Jersey TBA 17
10 Patrick Gozczyk 16
11 John Nolan 15
12 Nathan Lee 14
13 Jack Caldwell 13
14 Ray Molyneaux 12
15 Alan Kerrigan 11
everyone else 5 points
Under 16 1. Patrick Goszczyk
                2 Nathan Lee
                3 Jack Caldwell
Under 14  1. Mark Smith
               2. John Tierney
               3. David OSullivan