New look for Navan Road Club

After many week/months of work the new kit has finally been ordered. With a new design and new sponsors on-board it will certainly be new-look Navan Road Club for the coming years. Firstly can i thank all of our sponsors for their commitment to Navan RC, we greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to working together for many years to come.

As you can see the design has changed a little from our current kit, but the intention was always to keep true to the previous design while putting a more modern twist on the layout.  Early feedback from the sponsors involved is very positive and I hope all club members will agree its a nice change. Our purple and yellow colours haven’t changed and never will, its who we are, and it makes us stand out from the crowd. For practicality we use black on the back and underside of the shorts……its easier to keep clean. Also see our club logo near the bottom of the jersey front + back. This is the first time it has been introduced onto the kit and i think its a nice addition.

Here is some images of the new kit from our suppliers Spin11 :



We have ordered Short-sleeve jerseys, Long-sleeve jerseys, Gilets, Bib-shorts (mens), ladies shorts, and Summer Over-shoes.  All of the garments are of a very high quality, we didn’t go down the route of  ordering cheaper  just to save a few quid.! So once you look after your gear it will serve you well for many years. Trying to select what sizes to order is a bit of a guessing game, so hopefully I have got it right. I have picked a variety of sizes so I’m sure you’ll find something to fit.! As for an exact delivery date, I won’t be sure until after Christmass, but i would expect it to be into February at least before we get anything. Untill then we still have some club jerseys in stock so you won’t be stuck.!

I am working out the pricing of the new kit, and will publish the prices in the coming days……..also to view the kit a little better go to our Facebook page and you will be able to see the image a lot clearer.

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