Race Results 31-07-2012

Another wet evening greeted the Summer League, but whats new! With only a few weeks remaining in the league it was time for people to make their assault on the leading riders. The winner on the night was the ever-green Ray Keegan who took advantage of the early starting group and rode clear from the chasing bunch. A very dis-organised chase group were more interested in racing each other helped the break-away. Scratch group rider Aidan Wall went from the gun with a viscous attack straight away, with only James Lynch able to follow. He tried again with another attack later on and dragged a small chase group clear from the bunch, but lady luck deserted him as he punctured and was forced to face the humiliating drive home in the broomwagon. Gerry Harte(DID Dunboyne) and James Lynch carried on and almost caught the two leaders, but it was too little too late and the night belonged to Ray Keegan. His win now shoots him up the league table also……it goes to show there’s still plenty to fight for in the coming few weeks.

The updated league tables are here

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